About Shekinah Home Nursing

Where it started and through who it came into existence:

Maria Aletta Susanna (Babsie) Krüger started her working career at Onderstepoort Researched department. But nursing was in her family. Her mother was a Sister in the medical world. After the tragic passing of her mother in 1990.

That’s when she decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and to carry the legacy forward. Babsie still recall her mother’s words in saying: “My mother always asked us if none of our daughters is going to follow her in the same career in Nursing”.

The year was 1991 when Babsie took up Nursing and to carry her Mother’s legacy forward at the young age of 22 years.

It was then that she enrolled to Fleurenville Retirement Village. This here where it all began and she underwent studies and training.

Through her studies she qualified herself up the rank to become a Sister, just like her mother. Fleurenville send them to H.F. Verwoerd Hospital, now known as Steve Biko Academic Hospital. There she underwent further training.

After the training at H.F Verwoerd (Steve Biko Hospital) she underwent training at Weskoppies Psychiatric hospital as well. After the training was completed, she went back to Fleurenville. It was after 1998 when she had a tragic injury to her back that she left Fleurenville in 2001. She then

went into Home nursing in 2001 and in 2005 she works for Doxa Dao welfare board. There she underwent training for special needs children and was in charge of the church welfare home with 10 children in. in 2010 she resigned and went back to what she loved most and that was home nursing.

Then Shekinah Home Nursing started. The name Shekinah came from child that was admitted to the welfare house that she was in charged off. A mother brought the child to Babsie at the welfare house, the mother fell pregnant when she was still a student and she couldn’t take care of the child, the child was more or less a week old. She asked the mother what does the name Shekinah means.

The mother said that the mean is “A Blessing from God”. Babsie took care of this black child up to the age of 2 years then the mother of Shekinah proved her to the welfare and her child was given back to her. And so, she decided when she started her own business the name will be Shekinah.


She then started a home nursing business and later she closed it down due to the fact she was not having support. She was living in with patients.

In 2018 she reopened Shekinah Home Nursing and after a year that’s gone by its going good with the business and she is back in to what she always loved to do and help the elderly people and those in need.

“Home nursing is my passion and joy, to help those in need. The best of all is and what makes is so much more joy full for me is that I have my husbands and families full support in my career in helping those who is in need. And through that I’m blessed beyond my dreams” says a very humble Babsie Krüger

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